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10 Jun 2019
nrComm Lib v9.54 is available now.
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ASTM protocol

nrComm Lib components

The TnrAstm component implements ASTM message transfer protocol between clinical or laboratory instruments and computer systems.

General features are listed below:
  • Supports both directions. Allows read and send information packets;
  • CRC control
  • Separates and concatenates long data records on 240-length data frames.
  • Can be used togehter with RS232, Bluetooth, HID, USB or network socket connection.

You can download ASTM Demo project of nrComm Lib and take a look the possibilities of this component.
ASTM Demo (compiled 32bit executable)
ASTM Demo (compiled 64bit executable)

More info about ASTM protocol:
ASTM E1394-97 specification
ASTM home
Common description